Engineering Capabilities

Custom Engineered Valve Solutions

At Hunt Valve, our Experts in Extreme Engineering are equipped to offer a customized product solution for your severe service application. Our custom engineered solutions deliver the safety and reliability that is required for the application. Our technology infused products have increased durability resulting in cost savings and reduced downtime.


The benefits of our products for industrial valve applications go beyond simplified maintenance and reduced operating costs.


Do you have a unique engineering problem or failing valve or component that an off-the-shelf product won't solve?

Material Engineering for Long-Lasting Valves

At Hunt Valve, our experience and expertise in materials engineering makes us uniquely qualified to select the best materials to suit unique applications. Our Experts in Extreme Engineering use finite element analysis to evaluate stress, fatigue and fluid flow, ensuring material selection is optimized for the operating environment.

Hunt Valve also incorporates various material heat treating processes, coatings and weld overlays to provide wear and corrosion resistance in severe-duty environments.

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