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Descale Pump Bypass Valves

Maintenance Free, Energy Efficient Solutions

Steel Mill descale systems utilizing a multi-stage centrifugal pump require a minimum flow circuit to keep the pump cool when there is no system demand.

Many systems utilize an ARC valve which serves as a check valve and min-flow bypass valve; however, this setup typically involves frequent maintenance and replacement due to the high cycle rates of steel mill applications.

To combat the high maintenance and reliability issues of ARC valves, users often modify their system to eliminate the mechanical linkage, making it a continuous bypass setup to ensure the pump is always protected. Although this method is failsafe, it results in unnecessary energy costs that could exceed $1,000,000 per year.

Integration of Hunt Valve’s pump bypass valve and fixed multi-stage orifice design into the system provides a significant cost savings over the ARC valve design by eliminating the reliability issues of the ARC valve and restoring the controlled bypass flow and resulting energy efficiency of the system.

Hunt’s pump bypass valve and multi-stage orifice design provides years of maintenance free operation in steel mill descale systems due to its robust design and materials of construction. The multi-stage orifice distributes the pressure drop across multiple orifice plates to minimize wear and provide a high level of durability. The bypass control valve is offered with several actuation and material options to suit application specific requirements, all with a fail open design to ensure the pump is protected even if electrical power or pilot actuation pressure is lost.

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