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Descale Spray Valves

For Ultimate Reliability and Long Life

A descale spray valve is required for positive on/off control of the high-pressure water flow to the descale spray headers on the rolling mill line. Hunt Valve’s Mega-Flo Descale Spray Valves are noted worldwide for ultimate reliability and long life in this challenging operating environment. In fact, our unique sliding plunger design has made the Mega-Flo plunger valves the most versatile and easy-to-maintain on the market.

In addition, Hunt Valve is the only industrial valve manufacturer that provides descale valves with the world’s most advanced ceramic material used for key components of our valves. This breakthrough technology makes the Proportional Poppet Valve and Mega-Flo C Plunger Valve the longest lasting descale valves available and saves you significantly on maintenance and replacement costs.

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