Water Hydraulic Directional Control Valves



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Water Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

At Hunt Valve, our directional control valves are specifically designed for service on low-viscosity media such as water, 95/5 and other fluids that are commonly utilized in steel and aluminum production applications. These valves are ideal for a variety of low-viscosity applications—from pump unloading to coil handling—due to their corrosion-resistant materials, rugged zero-leakage design and ease of maintenance.

Hunt Valve manufactures both spool and poppet type directional control valves:

  • The ComboValve™ incorporates an NFPA mounting interface and is designed to interface with our mod-stack cartridge valves to provide a complete system solution for other functions such as flow control, pressure relief, pressure reducing, check and isolation. The pneumatic solenoid-operated Combo valve has an energy-efficient, packed-spool design that provides years of reliable service on low-viscosity applications.
  • The MVO34 is an updated rugged plunger valve that has been used in steel and aluminum applications for over 75 years. Its rugged plunger design is capable of operating in extremely dirty applications where filtration is minimal. This valve is actuated by an air cylinder to enable operation in very dirty environments. The MV034 can also be used in high-flow applications of up to 400 gpm. Applications for the MV034 range from steel mill descaling to aluminum mill coil handling.
  • The poppet directional control valve utilizes hardened stainless or optional hardfaced seat technology to deliver the ultimate level of durability in harsh applications. Hunt Valve’s poppet directional control valves are available in 2-, 3- or 4-way configurations and may be requested with NFPA and custom mounting interfaces.

Specialty Valves for Hydro Applications

Our directional control valves are manufactured with the high-quality design features required for raw water hydraulic applications such as spherical valve seat actuation. Our water hydraulic directional control valves are among the world’s most reliable valves for these applications.

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