Precision Welded Valves

Precision Welded


Meeting Standards with Precision Welded Valves

Hunt Valveā€™s welding engineers have decades of experience developing and qualifying weld, cladding and hard facing procedures for materials that are difficult to weld. Our welding procedures are developed and qualified to meet the standards outlined in the I.A.W. NAVSEA Technical Publication S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248 AND S9074-AR-GIB-010/278.

As true artisans, our welding team has the ability to successfully apply their skill in accordance with qualified procedures. Our team utilizes a modern facility that includes:

3250 Square Feet
Four large workstations each with welders, positioners, and fume extractors
Level 1 Traceability
Welding Consumables are stored in a secured, limited access, environmentally controlled area to ensure traceability is maintained
Welding Equipment
(3) Miller Synchrowave 350 TIG Welders
(3) Miller Dimension 452 MIG Welders
(1) Cabot/Hunt Plasma Arc Welder
Ovens and Furnaces
(2) 2FT x 2FT 850 Degree Ovens
(1) 3FT x 3FT 850 Degree Oven
(1) 3FT x 3FT 1250 Degree Oven
(1) 2.5FT x 2.5FT 2000 Degree Furnace