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Keeping Power Plants Running

The harsh environments and demanding nature of the nuclear sector require superior equipment and specialty valves to maintain operations. Combined with the need to support legacy or obsolete equipment creates daily challenges for the personnel tasked with sourcing compliant material as well as the vendors tasked with producing it.

MB Valve offers high-quality specialty valves that maintain a consistent, leak-free performance in even the toughest nuclear applications, with a focus on working with customer engineering and maintenance teams to address gaps in supply and technical support.

Engineering Expertise for Nuclear Applications

No matter the requirements, the engineering team at MB Valve can design a custom-fit specialty valve compliant with ASME regulations. Our engineers have a strong valve background and experience working under ASME Section III, especially with safety related and NC level 1 requirements. As such, MB Valve can provide new designs, upgraded form, fit, and function replacements, as well as reverse-engineered like for like products depending on customer preference.

MB Valveā€™s engineering expertise includes:

  • FEA, CFD, and Thermal Analysis
  • Engineering drawings, test procedures, and design reports
  • Design spec reviews and analysis
  • Cycle tests, FAT and Pressure tests
  • History docket/material traceability
  • On-site witness testing for critical component

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