Descale System Strainers

Brand: Hunt Valve

Strainers within a descale system should be included for each descale spray valve for the large filtration of high-pressure water (700-micron level). The strainers are installed prior to the descale spray valves to protect the internal components of the valve from large debris.

At Hunt Valve, our rugged strainers can withstand the severe-duty cycles of the industrial descale systems in steel mills. These high-pressure devices are designed to avoid the plugging of descaling spray nozzles, resulting in scrap product and profit loss due to surface quality defects such as scale streaks. Strainers placed in the line with the descaling valve prevent any foreign material that’s large enough to be harmful from reaching the spray nozzles.

Hunt Valve’s strainers are also used to protect the internal parts of the operating valves. All foreign particles filtered out of the stream of water passing through the strainer are stopped by the grooved rings and collect outside the strainer basket. The basket can be cleaned by removing it from the housing and spraying a jet of compressed air between the rings.

  • The maximum working pressure for all sizes is 5,800 psi. (As the basket clogs over time, the outlet pressure will drop. This differential pressure must be monitored to avoid damage to the element and subsequent damage to other system components.)
  • The standard filtration rating is 711 micron; custom ratings are available to suit your nozzle requirements.
  • Installation is allowed in the horizontal or vertical positions.
  • While standard ANSI and DIN flanges are the most common, special configurations are also available.