Isolation Valves

Brand: Hunt Valve

Isolation valves are required for positive shut-off of portions of the descale system during system maintenance. The valves are located at the pump discharge, the accumulator discharge and the descale spray valve header lines. While these valves are only required to be closed for maintenance, they must also perform for leak tight shut-off when needed.

Manual Isolation Valves

Hunt Valveā€™s manual isolation valve is similar in design to the Mega-Flo B descale valve, retaining the heavy-duty body construction and the sliding plunger on standard isolation valves with flow in only one direction. This provides the most positive seal and minimizes any leakage.

Our isolation valves are available in 2-10 inch sizes. The vertical installation is suggested to permit overhead access for preventative maintenance on the valve. Isolation valves are available with direct manual hand-wheel operation or with an electrical motor operator. The electrical motor operator version is equipped with a manual hand-wheel override.