Mega-Flo C Plunger Valve

Brand: Hunt Valve

Hunt Valve’s new Mega-Flo C Descale Valves are the longest lasting plunger-style descale valves available. The valves are upgraded with the world’s most advanced ceramic materials on core components to deliver two to three times longer service life than any other plunger-style descale valve.

This ultra-durable plunger-style descale valve saves customers 33% on the total cost of ownership over competitors’ valves. The savings is based on the initial purchase price and maintenance requirements over the first three years of service, then a 50% reduction in maintenance costs thereafter.

See the Mega-Flo C Descale Plunger Valve in Action

Why Ceramic Technology?

Hunt Valve is the only industrial valve manufacturer that provides descale valves with ceramic wear protection. The ceramic material used in critical components of the Mega-Flo C have the following characteristics:

  • It’s harder than steel.
  • It’s incredibly resistant to corrosion and wear.
  • It’s 10 times more durable than conventional valve materials.

  • State-of-the-art valve based on Hunt’s proven core plunger technology.
  • Advanced ceramic materials used in Hunt’s proven integral pressure breakdown design.
  • Forged housing designs are treated for corrosion and wear protection to extend the service life of the housing.
  • Stainless Steel Housing Liner can be replaced in the field.
  • Upgraded cylinder design for less corrosion, wear and friction due to the following:
    • Nitrocarburized piston rod and tie-rods.
    • Low friction urethane piston and rod seals.
    • 60 RC hard anodized cylinder bore.
  • Low-turbulence flow plunger design.
  • Plunger contained in the pressure vessel for safety.
  • Staggered flow slots provide gradual acceleration and deceleration of flow during plunger shifting to prevent water hammer.
  • Proximity switch or Transducer options for position feedback.
  • Isolated air actuator, kept away from the high-pressure fluid.
  • Anti-extrusion seals without grease requirements.
  • Seal is pushed away from the plunger by the fluid pressure during shifting to prolong life.
  • Sealing surface is NOT exposed to the water flow path when valve is open or closed.

Extend the life of your existing valve installation by replacing your old-style cartridge. The Mega-Flo C cartridge assembly is a drop-in fit to the existing Mega-Flo A or B installation for easy field upgrade capability. It offers the benefits of the Mega-Flo C enhancements without having to replace the entire valve system. The cartridge is a 40% cost savings versus purchasing a complete new valve.

Do you have cooling issues with your strip from continuous header pre-fill flow? An electromechanical actuator shifts the plunge from the pre-fill flow position to the full off position to reduce this problem. The new linear actuator design provides precision control.

Besides solving your cooling issues, this actuator:

  • Provides the necessary prefill to prevent water hammer and resulting header damage.
  • Eliminates the maintenance and reliability concerns of operating an external high-pressure solenoid-operated prefill control valve.
  • Relieves safety, maintenance and reliability issues of operating a low-pressure prefill system.
  • Offers flexibility to shut off the prefill flow when not required, thus providing increased flow and pressure available for descaling to the system or a significant energy cost savings if one pump can be shut-down by eliminating all of the continuous prefill lines in the system.