Mill Duty Series Descale Valves

Brand: Hunt Valve

High durability equipment designed to withstand harsh operating environments and hard wear.

The Hunt Mill Duty (SPV) Descale Valve is a true mill duty valve design that incorporates robust construction and the world’s most advanced materials to deliver ultimate durability in a mill duty descale environment.

Our poppet descale technology addresses the common issues associated with valves commonly available for descale applications:

  • Pilot Valve Reliability and Durability.
  • Seat Wear and Erosion.

Mill Duty Pilot Valve Cost Savings

The SPV series descale valve delivers higher durability than any other system’s piloted design thanks to our stainless steel spindle technology. This feature delivers a 15% Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction compared to other media piloted designs over a three-year period.

Our pneumatic solenoid pilot valve design results in additional maintenance cost savings. It is manufactured from stainless steel with hardened seats to provide total corrosion resistance on your system.  This valve delivers 100% shifting reliability due to the high force solenoid air pilot operation. This removes the possibility of sticking due to varnishing or contamination.

The SPV pilot valve delivers a 15% TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings over a three-year period

Hunt’s poppet design incorporates Heat Treated Stainless Steel Cartridge components with optional seat configurations using soft seat, hardened stainless or Hardfaced seats for maximum durability.

Hunt’s poppet design incorporates salt-bath nitrocarburizing of the housing and cap to deliver mill duty corrosion and wear resistance in the standard configuration and an option for full stainless designs for the most demanding environments.

The SPV series valve is available with a variety of options to suit application preferences including:

  • Gag devices for maintenance shut-off and lockout.
  • Proximity switches.
  • Integral header pre-fill control and pressure breakdown.