MV0 Valve Series

Brand: Hunt Valve

Hunt Valve’s MV0 Valve Series Directional Control Valves are designed for the central hydraulic system within the rolling mill. The MV0 Series is an upgrade of the original MSA valve line (V03 & V05 Valve). These valves were specifically designed for high water-based fluids. With two-, three- and four-way operation as well as two- and three-position configuration, these valves are highly versatile for a variety of mill line applications. Hunt Valve has continually upgraded this technology to make the valves easier to use.

MV03 & MV05 Valves

Hunt Valve’s MV03 & MV05 Directional Valves are manufactured with the high-quality design features required for the severe duty cycles of the steel mill industrial descale systems. The V03 & V05 Series, the forerunner of the MV03 & MV05, has proven to be one of the most reliable valves in the world for severe mill duty applications.

The M in the product name stands for “modular.” We upgraded this line of valves to include modular cartridge units that significantly reduce spare part requirements and streamline the maintenance procedure for the end user. The MV03 valves are rated for 3000 psig while the MV05 valves are rated for 5000 psig.