Pre-Fill Valves

Brand: Hunt Valve

Pre-fill valves give you on/off control of the existing descale water for pre-filling the spray headers. This prevents the shock that occurs within the descale piping system when the main descale spray valves are opened to an empty header. The pre-fill valve is installed as a bypass around the descale spray valve. The versatility of our 2-inch and 3-inch descale spray valves make them the perfect choice for use as header pre-fill valves, Descale Valves and Pre-Fill valves.

Hunt Valve’s Mega-Flo B 2-inch and 3-inch control valves offer a reliable, cost-effective means for low-flow descale spraying or descale header pre-filling. Our experience with field application problems associated with the fully mechanical protection valves of other manufacturers has led us to adapt and customize our Mega-Flo B products to fit this critical application.

• Zero leakage
• Electronically controlled
• Easy and positive position monitoring