Pump Bypass Check Valves

Brand: Hunt Valve

Check valves are required at the pump discharge lines to automatically prevent the backflow of descale water from the active pump units into a standby pump or a pump in the bypass mode.

At Hunt Valve, our check valves are built with hardened seats to withstand the frequency of operation without failure. They are manufactured with the high-quality design features required for the severe duty cycles of the steel mill industrial descale system. The poppet design is engineered for reliability and longevity in the dirty descale water environment.


  • Installation is allowed in the horizontal or vertical position. The check valves are mounted between piping flanges; no mounting brackets or additional supports are required.
  • Small (2- and 3-inch) check valves are machined from a stainless steel block; 4- to 8-inch check valves have a cast steel housing and an in-line configuration.
  • Poppet cartridges are easy to access and change during maintenance.
  • While standard ANSI and DIN flanges are the most common, special configurations are also available.