Single Plunger Valves

Brand: Hunt Valve

Hunt Valveā€™s Single Plunger Series Valves are low-pressure air and water valves. Therefore, this valve offers superior performance when functioning within air circuits contaminated by water moisture without having any negative effect on the valve. The brass bodies and the stainless steel plungers have made this valve one of the most reliable air products for severe service in the industry.

Product Details

The single plunger valve is designed with a brass casting or bar stock housing and a stainless steel plunger. The easily replaceable air pilot simplifies the shifting action of the valve, but with a high force for positive shifting.

The single plungers are rated for up to 250 psig and are available in sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to 2 inches. They are available with two-, three-, four- or five-way operation and with two- or three-position configuration. The valves are designed with heavy-duty U-packing seals for zero leakage and are easily replaceable to maintain an airtight system.