Advanced Remanufacturing Technology

For severe service components and critical application hardware, repairs simply do not work. The only way to ensure that your product performs with the reliability that your application demands is to have it remanufactured by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

At Hunt Valve, our Experts in Extreme Engineering use advanced manufacturing technology to remanufacture your valve and maximize its useful life. As the OEM, we understand how the limitations of your component and system may impact the long-term performance of the component.

Our Process

  • Our experienced engineers and craftsman evaluate your component and determine the root cause of any excessive wear or damage, considering its design and your system limitations.
  • We inspect key components using nondestructive testing and dimensional inspections to evaluate their condition.
  • We identify the best course of action to obtain the maximum useful life of the component while minimizing the risk for future downtime from old or worn parts.
  • If applicable, we provide recommendations for system operating procedures to improve the component’s life and overall system performance.

The Hunt Valve Difference

Many repair shops simply clean up the original hardware, smooth out worn surfaces, throw in a new set of seals, apply a fresh coat of paint and call the end product a refurbished valve. However, this method has a significant risk with respect to the safety, reliability and overall performance of the refurbished component. Using advanced manufacturing technology, we remanufacture our valves to like-new condition with a full warranty, extending the value and useful life of your product.

Using advanced technology to remanufacture a valve.
Remanufacturing a valve to like-new condition.

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